For a few months she was posting already about Tsū in her Instagram stories. Now she appears also in a promotional video of the company, you can find it on the official Tsū Facebook page.

She is the face of the new social media

Besides some other celebrities like @nadinevelazquez, @kmacklive, @rayj and @hitmaka, @sommerray is one of the biggest infuencer who is promoting Tsū.

A little behind the scenes from a shoot we did with our girl Sommer Ray .. check out her IG to see what we produced and stay tuned for more! In the mean time, you heard her – go PRE-REGISTER NOW at #thesocialthatpays #tsusocial

Közzétette: Tsū – 2020. február 3., hétfő

In her latest Insta post she writes: “i got the keys to the jeep 🔑
… if you wanna get on a platform that pays you for your views, pre-register at #tsusocial”

As Sommerray says:

“I’m excited to work with Tsū. As a creator and an entrepreneur with an audience, I’m always looking for new opportunities to share my work with the world,” said Sommer Ray. “I know my friends and fans are going to love using Tsū.”

On this businessinsider article you can read more about the news, and the relationship of Sommerray and the Tsū social app.