I collected a nice album from the old Tsu network photos. They appeared on the homepage of Tsu.co 4 years ago…

Charity – it was always in focus on the old Tsu.co site
Tsū meant hope for many people by sharing its revenue with them
Gamechangers – old Tsu background
We are gamechangers – Tsu really brought a new wave to the world of social media
We are risktakers - old Tsu background
Building up a totally new social media site near social network giants (like Facebook) is not without risk

The core philosophy of Tsū

We value content – old Tsu background
The main philosophy of Tsū

Besides featured images some “ad-like” content appeared as well

As the site promised they payed its users. But for that they should earned money as well. It was a practical strategy to mix a quality homepage cover photo with a simple promotion tag.

Do you have idea about the new tsu.social site design?

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