Tsū will be unique in a way that they will pay to the content creators. If somebody pre-register now, he/she will get 50% from the ad revenue generated by his/her content!

But is it enough to attract millions of users to the new platform? Probably not. Fortunately, the Tsū team are making great improvements and they will bring original cool social media ideas very soon.

Challenging other social media apps

If a new social network want to challenge the biggest social sites, then it is highly recommended to bring original ideas, revolutionary tools, possibilities. Most likely both for users and for the companies who will advertise on the platform.

For example editing the length of a Live Video before publishing.

Changing the length of a live video on Tsū?

This feature sounds interesting. But what is it exactly? Is it just a gossip, or can we take it serious in the pre-registration time?

John Acunto Tsu CEO shared this idea in a Tsū Live video. You can watch him and his thoughts in this video. (update: in the meantime Tsu set this video private, so not accessible anymore – what does it mean?)



Tsū will be unique for sure. The question is, only because of the fair social media model? Or they can rethink also, how a social app works in the 21. century?

They will share the ad revenue with the users who are contributing in the building of their site: posting pictures, sharing videos, writing essays, etc. This is quite fair.

But most likely, it is not enough to succeed. Tsū has to show some very cool, new ideas to bring curious people to the new platform. They have to announce some new features that we can not see on other social media sites / apps, like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram. One of the great tools will be probably this live video editing possibility.

Hopefully Tsū will succeed. Stay tuned! Save this site in your browser bookmarks and come back regularly. We will bring you fresh news about Tsū.social!