A short summarizing video about the new social media platform, featuring some leaders of Tsu Inc.: John Acunto CEO, Scot Weisberg CFO, Wendy Giffords COO, Johnny Dranchak CTO, Mike Caldwell Head of Product and Michael Yormark Vice President.

Listen up their thoughts about the model of this social app and their core philosophy! (After watching the video, scroll down.)

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The main message by Mike Caldwell

Mike Caldwell, head of product at Tsu.social
Mike Caldwell, Head of Product at Tsu Inc.

Mike Caldwell is the Head of Product at Tsu Inc. He was introduced already in Tsu Live, the official Youtube channel of the company. He says:

“Tsu has many of the things you are comfortable with when you use a social network. But there is one key difference here: Tsu is also about fairness.”