Imagine a social world where artists and creators are rewarded for their work. Imagine, that you share something in the social media and some of the ad revenue goes back to you. Just like on Youtube, but now, in the world of social media. And this is gonna happen very soon, 2020 Q2!

Pre-register at Tsū, the social that pays. The app is done, and the team is testing already. 😉

The official launch is very close. Don’t miss out, because if you pre-register, you will lock in a 50% payout rate from the ad revenue generated by your content. Also you can invite your friends for an additionally 10% from the ad revenue their content make – for lifetime. (not MLM!). Also don’t forget: you will be among the first influencers, like Sommerray, RayJ, Hitmaka, Tiki Barber and many creators, musicians, artists, athletes, influencers.

Dear Creator, give a chance to it, I am sure, you won’t regret.

Besides that, all of the creative minds will benefit from this fair social media model.

Let’s revolutionize our virtual experience and make some side-income with creating, sharing and influencing!

Best wishes, 
the Editor of, a new Tsu user, believer

PS.: This post appeared first on That site is an etalon too. Personal note: I do really hope, that Tsu will become something similar, with extended features.