In 2020 Q2 Tsū will relaunch! The business modell was already validated between 2014-2016 on the live app / website. That time already 5 million users joined to Tsū. However it shut down because of the unsustainable business model and spammy contents. But the return will be powerful.

Sustainable business model.

Instead of giving 90% to people / content creator Tsu will keep the half of the ad revenue. This will be reasonable to develop the social platform.

The income of the users / content creators will based on two main sources:

  • Tsū will get ad revenue from the advertisers and give its 50% to content creators
  • affiliate sales: users can get a percentage after each sale they make on the platform

No spam.

The new Tsū social network will fight against spam, to win more and more users and enhance their user experience.


The site will relaunch soon – probably in May. Until then, 2 promotional offer is alive on the new url: