In the last few days is getting more and more active both on their Facebook page and Instagram account. Their biggest influencers (so far) RayJ and Sommerray appeared again and shared their thoughts about “being yourself”.

Walk your own way…

Their message – be original and enjoy it – resonates the main direction of Tsū. Tsū want to become a platform, where people can share honestly what they really are. Where everybody can share their uniqe world, doesn’t matter where are you coming from and what are you doing. Just be yourself and be passionate about it.

Sommerray has also appeared in Tsu Live

Sommerray has shown up many time before on the official Tsū surfaces. She is also an “Ambassador” or the face of the new social app. But we didn’t see her in Tsu Live yet.

This time she shared some thoughts too, about her journey. Chris Denson (@densonolgy) is looking for the answer: how is it to be your own CEO? Comfortable? The conclusion: this is definitely a new skill!

RayJ is a real early adopter

RayJ is a very important tech guy, who is a big influencer too and really believes in Tsū. He has promoted the social platform many times on his Insta page. He is a nice and very open guy, and he is direct too. He even responded to us on Instagram chat and shared our story too that mentioned this video below.

After his talk, the conclusion again: being yourself is more fun.

Whoever you are, the Tsū community will accept you

You can be an artist. A musician. A painter. An astronaut. A museum leader. A tourist guide. A baker. You can be a football player. An athlete. You can create any form of art. And you can share it with the world honestly. This is the most, what you can do for yourself and for the others too.

You can have a blog about cooking. You can play an instrument. You can take funny photos about your dog. You can be a model. You can be a CEO. Whoever you are, you can share it with the world and the community on Tsū will respect that. This is all what Tsū is about. And for sure, the site will reward you for your content.

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” Bruce Lee

Didn’t pre-register yet?

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