On the 4th of June Tsu has appeared in the Apple Appstore – however the users can download only. The possibilty to log in and use the social app will be available a few weeks later.

Official description of the app

Current Features

Dividends – Tsū is truly ‘social that pays.’ When you post content on our platform (videos, photos, text), and that content generates ad revenue, we share a percentage of that revenue with you. Check your account daily and see how much you’ve earned. Ready to cash in? Redeem it to your PayPal account ($100 minimum, 2 redemptions per month)

Invite and earn – Invite your friends to our platform quickly and easily through the app. For anyone who signs up using your link, you’ll earn a 10% dividend on their content. Tsū enables you to send invites via text or email, as well as accessing your device contacts – with your permission of course.

Profiles – Create your own unique home on Tsū. Include photos, your bio, relationship status (optional!), and links to your other social profiles.

Tsu on iPhone

Friending – Send and accept friend requests so you can share personalized content with a close-knit group of friends and family.

Following – Follow any user on the platform to quickly and easy see their latest public posts. Follow as many people & brands as you want, and see how many followers you can get!

Activity Feed – Scroll through your activity feed to catch up on the latest posts of both your friends and followers together in one place. Watch videos, see photos, and read what’s on their mind.

Communities – Connect with users who share similar interests. Join existing communities or create your own. Communities can be public or private. Join one today.

Messaging – Send direct messages to your friends. Share photos and videos with them using our chat interface.

Tsu on iPad

Search – Find friends on the platform by searching for them. Search by first and last name, or by username.

Notifications – Check the notifications icon frequently to see if you have any new friend requests – choose to accept or decline.

A personal note from the CFO

After Scot Weisberg, CFO and co-founder of Tsu, the platform registered already tens of thousands of people in the last several months.

We have registered tens of thousands of people over the past several months and on July 15th we will be doing our Beta launch which will include the millions of former Tsu users! Stay tuned for more updates on when everyone can join and thank you all for your continued support and positive comments! Keep spreading the word… Tsu is the social that pays…  – he writes on his LinkedIn profile.

A new deadline has appeared as well – June 12th

This is the date, when alpha testing will launch, and the same time the limited invitation offer will end (This early promotion is a big business possibility – when you invite other people to the platform, you will earn 10% of the ad revenue that they content generate – lifetime!) So hurry up, invite your friends and followers now!

So what are you waiting for?

Pre-register now to:

  • lock in a 50% reward rate!
  • be among the early influencers of a new social trend
  • invite your friends with your unique invite link for an additional 10%