Alpha testing of the new social app, Tsū is live now! Also the brand-new website came out:

Alpha testing

We entered the new social media, we are using the app! 🔥 It is currently the Alpha-version, so we dont expect to be perfect. But it is close to that.

How to login in these early days?

In Alpha version Tsū is “invite only”. If you didn’t preregister or didn’t get your invitation yet (make sure that you check your Spam and  Social folders as well), you can login into the app here.

First you need to download the app then click on this link again. It will open the app and then you are able to set up your account.

In case you experience problems, ask for help at the official e-mail address:

Alternatively contact with the editor of Social That Pays here:! We try to help too. Note, this is not the official helpdesk!

In the next few days we are testing it, then we will release a Review very soon from the pen of some Tsū veterans. Tsū veterans: they were the (big) users on the old platform, between 2015-2016.

Tsū Knowledge Base has also started

A list from Frequently Asked Questions (and the answers for them) you can find here.

For the creators, from the creators

For the creators, from the creators

Create, share, inspire!

While the app is constantly developed in the background, a few hundred users have already appeared and sharing their moments.

The main themes of the early days

Gardening, sunrise-sunset pictures, photography, dogs, cats, motivations, nice places, travelling… No surprise at all, like in other social media apps. Until now, we didn’t see any spam. Hurray! 🙂 The first users are nice, encouraging, curious about others.

“I think it is a beginning of a beautiful friendship…”