This article is a guestpost, written by Spyros Archimides. He was a well-known user of the old Tsu platform as well and now he is an early adopter of the new Tsū. Lets see his first impressions of Tsū Alpha. (The social network is in Alpha Testing phase yet. It has launched only a few days ago.)

Throwback to the old site

Tsu was the first paying social network and I was making more than expected, enough to pay for my car’s fuel, and for coffees for the whole month. Tsu never was a quick money make scheme, and not an MLM but more a home for originality.

Sebastian Sobczak vs. Mark Zuckerberg

Sebastian Sobczak had issues with Facebook. I remember, as a tsu veteran it was not enabled to post my photo links on facebook and even not the option to post some hashtags related to tsu. Many facebook pages about tsu were taken down by facebook as “spam”. There was a “little war” between the old tsu and the facebook. Bad management I wouldn’t say but when you have a social network giant like Facebook shooting you with fake news and you are left only with Twitter it is very hard to have a sustainable ability to recover the bugs of the servers on high demand days.

Mark Zuckerberg invited 5 people to his Harvard Dorm room 10 years ago to discuss a business opportunity. Only 2 people showed up and they got in. Today those 2 people are now Billionaires… Sebastian invited everybody… His try to make our social media life more fair failed. But the idea survived.

Alpha testing has launched

After a long preparation (18 months after the CEO) Tsu was finally reborn and the alpha testing has launched a few days ago.

As a tsu veteran I see that people follow the same strategy of original content, at least in alpha testing. Nothing has changed, tsu is the same in people’s mentality. As alpha testers some tsu veterans started to post original content and everyone followed the same trend.

As a tsu veteran I acknowledge that the new tsu is based on premium graphics where even users can go live like on facebook, instagram and tiktok. I have never used the live button, but it is there, to be available for use soon. (Currently, the CEO and the Tsu team is making lives daily via the Tsu Live account – the editor)

There is a feature (and many more are coming in the following weeks, after the CEO), which you can add some cool text to your photos with different colors, background, styles.

Spyros Archimides


Old tsu was greener in design, had a different logo, I used to like more the old design but the new tsu is not bad either. Looks professional and like the highest available graphics for Apple and Google App requirements. I am an Apple and Google app developer and I can say that tsu has nothing to do with facebook or instagram design, it is different, they didn’t just copy them.


The new logo of Tsu

Comparing the menu

The old tsu had…

  • Feed
  • My Network
  • Popular
  • Tsu Groups
  • Messages
  • Bank
  • Analytics
  • Discover Users

The new tsu has…

  • Profile Information
  • Account
  • Bank
  • Invite Your Friends
  • Notifications
  • Terms of Use
  • Payment Policy
  • Support
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sign Out

From these 10 new buttons someone may think that there are more buttons on the left menu bar than on the old tsu, but they made it way more user friendly.

For the basic social media user the old tsu was very complicated to use. Now simplicity matters.

Facebook, Instagram, Tsu

Facebook, Instagram and Tsu have something in common. They all get paid from advertisements you see on their social media platforms. Clicks and views on an advertisement mean profit for the social network. On Tsu it is under testing yet, but I have seen already ads on it. Monetizing will be turned on a few weeks later.

In features these social platforms are quite similar. But there is a key difference. On Tsū you can monetize your posts. is empowering everyone to benefit from their own #originalcontent.

You don’t need to be an influencer to earn, you don’t need 10,000 followers to unlock “Swipe up” function (like on Instagram), all you need is to share original content and connect other simpathic users. (The network is already going really fast after a few days.)

Really supportive community

The followers you get are supportive because many are “tsu veterans”, and for now the “follow-unfollow tactics” do not work because the idea is to support each other, without following limits.  (Instagram has a limit of 7500 maximum people to follow.)

The new CEO and his team

The new CEO of Tsū social is John Acunto. He is very helpful and try to make sure that the team is fixing all the little bugs that the users are reporting.

The team has prepared for this launch 1,5 year. By the invitation process there were some mistakes at some users, but in general the team was very helpful and they responded every question quickly.

The new team made the right choice: starting with a few members as alpha testers, let them test the app both on IOS and Android and find the bugs. Always, the progression is the key and not perfection. You cannot be the next big social network without testing it in small groups, to see if it works or not.

Tsu social is by far the best Tiktok alternative (but also a Facebook alternative) because it will have Live videos and a Marketplace as well. On the Marketplace you will be able to sell directly on Amazon too and get a percentage of each sale that was made via your recommendation.

Another advantage

Seems that Tsu won’t sell our personal data to third party advertisers, however they will connect the ads to the appropriate content we share.

Social media giants made so many promises to us about creating a paradise of connectivity and expression, but instead they have produced a dystopia powered by our personal data.

Surveillance-enabled advertising algorithms by giant social networks are not welcomed anymore by people. Originality, quality content, conversation, and a helpful and fun community is what people want nowadays.

On their new site there are “Download App” buttons too, but during the Alpha testing, it is “invite only”. Tsu app is available for both iOS and android devices. but you can find many informations about Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, informations about the company, and so on.

You can also find the latest news and events menu on the homepage of Tsu. The latest articles were posted on FOX Business, ZDNet, CHEEDAR, PopCulture etc. These are the channels where you can hear about Tiki Barber, Sommerray and all the early big influencers of

Latest news of Tsū

On Tsu there is an account called Tsu Live, which is an every day show about the news of Tsu development, questions…

Tsu Live

Tsu Live – every day!


Many tsu veterans want to make an actual physical event somewhere in the world to meet and chat about the new Tsu. Early adopters of Tsu are posting about live events to happen and they are making flyers already posting them on the tsu app.

Personally, even in Europe I could travel for an event like this to meet my “social friends”. In the space of simplicity, in the space of a strong and helpful community and taking into account all the advantages I have previously stated I would recommend the new tsu.


Simple is better, and to conclude the new tsu makes it a new home for us to understand that sharing is caring, when you share other’s post you earn more, when you educate people using tsu through a tsu community you earn too.

Moreover, is like karma, what goes around comes around. We spend too much time on regular social networks, proving nothing but showing off and loosing our time.

The new tsu is a new way to give power back to the people and become a fairer to use social network that respects originality, eliminates racism as is a social network where everyone supports each other to grow and eliminates also the algorithmic power to downgrade “fake news” posts or show posts and advertisements based on artificial algorithms.

A fairer way to be social. That is my personal review.

Spyros Archimides

The Tsu veteran is back!

The Tsu veteran is back!

Sign Up for Tsu via Spyros invitation!

On Tsu in the early days you can invite others and you can benefit by helping them. If you want to join via Spyros Archimides, you can find his invitation here.

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