In the first weeks of Tsu Alpha testing we have already experienced a very supportive, nice community on Tsu full of original content creators. One of them is Detecting Germany! He is looking for treasures on fields with his metal detecting tools. He even started a prize game on Tsu and offered a 200 years old silver coin to the winner! Here is his introduction and some photos from him. Give a warm welcome to Detecting Germany. His username on Tsu is treasure_savior.

Meet Detecting Germany, treasure_savior!

Hello TSUvets and new TSUfam members!

I’m very happy to get the chance reporting about my experience with tsu as a complete newbie on a social media network that pays. I couldn’t imagine: a network pays me for my content? Unbelievable for me. I have heard about YouTube and the bigger networks, paying their popular Users. Heard about Bitcoin, and many more.

A very good friend of me, invited me to the start of the alpha version and I was very impressed. I don’t know much about the old tsu, the new tsu is very easy to handle for me. I like the original content of the users and it is familiar to me. For my uploads I don’t want to use filters. For me the really original contents are #unfiltered.

I joined some groups and created my own. Only a few seconds – ready. The Interface has a good structure and you can use it very fast. From the first day, I have friendly contacts to different people. America, India (I love this country ❤️), Germany, Canada etc. Messages with other Members are on my daily list. People are chilled, friendly, helpful and empathic.



When you ask me, what is my mission on TSU is… It is not so easy to explain…

I want to make metal detecting and history more popular. The understanding of the history from a wider view. I detect now for 12 years and in my home country Bavaria / Germany is really a nice place to search old things. When you dug an old button, maybe 300 years old… Who lost it? And why? Or when you find a little hoard of small silver coins? Why here? What happened 450 years ago and why did someone hide his money here.

You can’t get rich with this hobby, but you can explore your country’s history and sometimes finds are very interesting. You can investigate about handcrafting in middle ages.

One problem, that there are some “black sheeps” in the detecting community and I know it is not so hard to do it in a good way. Also there are some dangerous things in the ground hidden and I want to warn everybody and train the awareness of people for this deadly stuff.

I enjoy TSU very much and I’m interested to see when the new features will be implemented. I try to use TSU with its full potential. I am always curious, what is the next innovation in the app and how fast the community grows. I am happy to be a part of it from the first step.

Adrian, Detecting Germany

Detecting Germany – an interesting Tsu influencer


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