“How to earn in Tsū?” is one of the most common question since Alpha version of the Tsū app has launched. However, it is important to understand that Tsū supposed to be an innovative social media app first and not a “money generator”. In the early phase of the app many user use it in a “wrong way”. In this article you will find the answers, how to use it correctly and earn in the meantime. You can also find some tricks as well, hidden somewhere in the post.

Using Tsū in the right way is not rocket science. Just imagine how do you use Facebook or Instagram? Do exactly the same in the Tsū app too. Share your favorite moments, your art, your creations. This is the most important. The only difference is that Tsū will reward it with some cents while on Facebook you don’t get a penny. Before you continue, let me ask a question:

Are you really a content creator?

I mean, are you passionate in your area, and do you focus on CREATING something? Are you an influencer? Because if your answer yes, then the question “How to earn in Tsu app?” is valid. Otherwise not.

Just ask yourself: did you earn on Youtube even a single cent just for watching the videos? The situation is the same on Tsū. Tsū will reward only the creators. If you are a consumer, or an average user, who is sharing 1 photos in a month, don’t expect to get rich on Tsū. But please: don’t get frustrated if you have never created anything in your life. Please, don’t expect now to be a millionaire on Tsū! Because it is not the way how it works. Tsū want to help mainly the real creators, who are sharing some great content.

You don’t have to…

  • You don’t have to post 20 posts a day…
  • You don’t need to comment on other people’s post, especially not copy-paste texts…
  • You don’t have to follow thousands of people…
  • You don’t have to beg for shares, likes, and comments…

Simply share your favorite moments. Your unique art. And your unique creations. And be open for other creators. Appreciate their work with your attention. Let’s connect to each other. Be social.

Forget the spammy behaviour

Many early adopters tried to game the app with their spammy attitude. They can achieve 2 things:

  • first: the team is working on a Spam Policy and soon you will get classified whether you are a spammer or not. You may be banned too (not official information, the regulation is under process yet).
  • second: if you and many of your mates continue the spammy behaviour (just think about the comments like “supported”, “supportmeback”, “shared” etc.), the app will die, because it will lose its attractiveness. Then you can not earn on Tsu anymore. So simple.

What to do? How to earn In Tsū then?

For sure, if you want to maximize your Tsu Bank, you can create more, engage more. But don’t forget: always try to upload quality images, videos. If you post mediocre things, people will unfollow you very likely. Then you won’t earn a cent. So rather post one piece of a great art, creation, picture, funy video daily, than 20 under-average pics.

Don’t post Google images! Nobody cares that you have stolen some stock photos. People want to see the originality on Tsū. If you follow this guideline, probably you will get the attention of Tsū Live as well, and they may invite you to the Live show in front of thousands of people.

Forget the money and be surprised

If you look at Tsū as an alternative social media (instead of Facebook or Instagram) and besides that you can earn a few dollar / month it is not that bad right? But if you expect to become rich on Tsū, you may be disappointed very soon.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s create, share, inspire!