A letter has just arrived from Tsū, the social that pays:

” We have Very Exciting news to share.

Tsu is now…display.

We are thrilled to share with you our new name and new site redesign, but that is not all you will experience in this new update to the App.

Be sure to update your app in the Google Play or Apple App Store and you will see these changes.

We are still The Social That Pays and will always put the Creator first – we have new and enhanced content creation tools, robust Live Streaming, a new look DisplayTV (Tsu Live) and even more advertisers supporting the platform which means more SUPPORT for you, the Creators.

Over the next two weeks there will be many, many more exciting announcements, so join us and remember to always explore, discover and invite your friends to display – Social That Pays.

Your friends @ Display

www.displaysocial.com  “