Business opportunity with Tsū 

In these early days (during Alpha testing of the Tsu app) you can invite your friends for an additional 10% form the ad revenue that their content generates. Tsū is not an MLM system, however with this limited offer you can create a nice side-income for later.

Invite your friends and followers now! It is clearly a nice business opportunity, because Tsū is gonna be a trend probably in 2020 already.

So why Pre-registration is a big deal?

Early Access

You can test out Alpha version and recommend the platform later based on your own experiences. Your profile can be filled up with content before Tsū will become mainstream.

Unique invite link

After you registered and logged in, you have a unique invite link in your app menu on the left sidebar. Make sure that you use that link when you invite a friend or follower. Your friends can login only via this link during the Alpha testing period.

50% Payout Rate

If you join to the Alpha testing, you will have better payout rate, while others have to work for it. So when a post of yours generates 4 dollars ad revenue you will get 2 of it.

Among The First Influencers

Like always early adopters win the most. You can set a new trend on the social platform, you can form it to your style. And you can even create groups. When the big mass appears later, you have a nice profile, and people will likely follow you.

Email Us

Do you have questions about the new social platform? We have collected a Tsū Frequently Asked Questions list, that you can read by clicking on the green. If you have further questions, ask us with this form.