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New features

“This week gonna be one of the most exciting on Tsu!” John Acunto (7th of July)

14. July

Soon, the following features will be implemented to the Tsu app.

  • Basic analytics: it shows how your posts perform, and how much views do you generate
  • Discovery feed – it gonna be implemented by the search tab where you can see a blank field now
  • Verified accounts, badges
  • Possibilites to donate your ad revenue to charities
  • “Hard-core ad tech”, great ad experience for the advertisers
  • Live videos, live streams
  • Tools: editing photos, videos
  • Gamification – different kind of rewards (details later)
  • Customizable notifications area
  • New sharing limits – it may change during time, based on the behaviour of the community.. (right now every user has 14 share / day)

3. August

Soon the Tsū tech team will add a “Support me” button in the bottom of the  video posts and when its clicked by the followers, a video ad will pop up. This feature will give the opportunity for content creators to earn more money on the new social platform.

Showcase & prizes


Already the first week of July John Acunto CEO announced some winners who won 50 dollars because of their high quality content and nice engagement toward other creators. These artists were:

– charles Shultz

– Mary Jane Maeda

– Teri Ross

– Nina Chan

– Vincent Champagnat 

In July the Tsu stuff will select and announce new winners! 😎



Jimmy Lipko and Ty (hosts of Tsu Live) also announced 2 special award (25 dollars, each) for the extra efforts on the early Tsu. The winners are:

– iamsabi

– antoniodavid1

Sneak Peak

Tsū has relaunched.

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